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The Education of President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln did not have a formal education; he did not go to school. He was an avid reader and read everything he could find. The Bible was his favorite. He mastered the art of self-education with the support of Divine sources. President Lincoln led the United States through very troubled time and gives credit to Divine inspiration for wisdom.

We all came into this world to fulfill a purpose based on our natural talent. Abraham was born in the American frontier to parents that could not read or write and lived far from formal education opportunity. His natural talent was academic that inspired a desire to be a lawyer. He disliked farming. It is not known how he learned to read and write, but it has to be associated with prodigy children. Prodigy children acquire knowledge and skills directly from Divine sources at an early age. This may be God’s way to speedup man’s quality of life.

People motivated by their talent develop a love-to-learn by mastering self education skills. Lincoln is no exception; he read everything he could find. The Bible being his favorite is where he learned law, relationships, and leadership. He also learned about Divine guidance, and that visionary wisdom comes from God.

With Lincoln’s unique education he became a high quality lawyer that was recognized by all that had dealings with him. His policy was to settle disputes in an ethical and fair manner for all sides. Slavery did not meet his policy which motivated him to enter politics. Politics is where laws are changed.

Not having a formal education, he became dependent on Divine guidance for decisions. This served him well during the Civil War when he was under tremendous pressure. Because of his leadership and speeches, he is considered to be America’s greatest president.

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