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The Search for Personal Achievement

  1. Exposure to ideas leads to research
  2. Research leads to projects
  3. Projects leads to self-education – a lifelong passion
  4. Self-education leads to self-discovery of our natural talent
  5. Discovery of natural talent is the power that’s motivates us
  6. Motivation leads to a love-to-learn
  7. A love-to-learn inspires us to develop a dream or goal
  8. Implementing a goal leads to opportunity
  9. Opportunity leads to failure and bouncing back until we get it right – developing persistence
  10. Getting it right opens doors to opportunity beyond our wildest dreams
  11. We are aboard the ship that carries us to our dream of personal achievement

Some examples:

America is the Innovation World Leader Because They Have:

  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of political opinions
  • freedom of social class limits
  • freedom to develop ideas
  • freedom to expand knowledge
  • freedom to develop natural talent

Limited freedom is a barrier to innovation and personal achievement. Common barriers are imposed by government, social circles, and relatives. There are areas where groups of people are free of barriers, they have freedom to express opinions and ideas; they are the innovators and technology leaders. Silicon Valley, California, USA is one of many.

Note: I have been informed that some technology leaders in Silicon Valley had to resign their position because of their social/political views. Restricted freedom of opinions becomes a barrier to visionary thinkers by everyone in their social circle. This may be the beginning of the end of their technology leadership.

Personal achievement creates wealth in the form of knowledge, sometimes money too.

Dependency on government for support kills motivation needed for personal achievement. Passion to escape dependency on government (self supporting) is a powerful motivating force.

 "The Search for Personal Achievement" - "Money is not a goal, it is a reward ONLY for personal achievement." PDF document.

Bob Webb,

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